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Plant Placement
It is very important that plants be placed appropriately in the landscape - not only to achieve aesthetic and functional goals, but also to ensure healthy plants by siting them in the appropriate microclimatic conditions, and to facilitate effective and efficient maintenance. Accomplishing this is often simply a matter of being aware of maintenance issues along with the types of equipment and methods used in maintaining the facility, and then considering these during the planning and design process.

The design of this area is fine from an aesthetic point of view but adds to the cost of maintaining the landscape by not somehow integrating the trees with the planting bed instead of placing them within the lawn. At a minimum, the trees should have mulch around their base

An integrated combination of stone pathways, decks, and careful plant placement can create an inviting backyard experience.

The way we design and manage our landscapes has significant impact on the environment. Plant selection and placement, irrigation, fertilization and pest control methods all interact with each other to determine the environmental impact of your landscape.

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