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Bermuda is the most popular of sod grasses available. It is widely used because of its low maintenance requirements and its good tolerance to regional weather conditions. It is a rapidly spreading variety that becomes extremely dominant and discourages weeds if maintained properly. Bermuda takes root very quickly and grows well in clay conditions. It needs less water than other grasses, and its ability to withstand frequent traffic contributes to its desirability. Bermuda sod provides a green dense luster in the growing season and reverts to a light wheat color during its dormant period in the winter months. It is a favorite of golf courses, and again, if maintained properly gives a beautiful appearance.

With all the landscape possibilities available, none of them provide you with that instant impact as much as sod. In very little time your bare yard can become a full green lawn. There may be times where installing sod over your entire lawn may be more than interests you, but there may also be that highly visible turf area right near the front door that is a perfect candidate. Beside giving you the effect of an instant lawn, sod also allows you to install a quality lawn during seasons when it may not be ideal to seed.


From the time our sod laying team arrives at your property, we work quickly to ensure that the soil substrate is perfectly prepared to receive the new sod. We scarify the soil to let it breathe, take soil samples for analysis and fertilize the substrate according to the results of the soil analysis.


Although most turfgrass areas are established by seeding, sod offers the visual appeal of an "instant lawn." Additional benefits of sod include utilizing the lawn more quickly, reducing the amount of mud and dirt tracked into the house, immediate erosion control, and establishing a lawn during less-than-optimal seeding times. Like seeded lawns. sodded lawns need special attention before and after establishment. Using proper establishment procedures and post-establishment care can help to ensure success in producing a healthy, beautiful lawn.


Each type has unique characteristics and specific requirements that lend to a healthy, flourishing lawn. If the sod type is not properly selected for prevailing conditions (i.e., heavy sun or shade, etc.) failure is inevitable. Therefore, proper site evaluation by our qualified expert is crucial.


Do you need a quickly established lawn and don't want to go through the uncertainty and longer establishment time of seeding, sprigging, or plugging your lawn? Laying sod is difficult and dirty work. Sod is heavy and to install it properly requires a lot of back bending and lifting


Pricing is based on the type of sod you select, the square footage of your lawn, and current market prices. Determining the square footage of your lawn is quite simple. Since most lawns are not perfectly square, we will determine the square footage using our measuring wheel. There are five major types of sod sold in the Southern California area that are most successfully cultivated in combination with the region's climate and environmental conditions.


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