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Portable Door Lock

Ultimate security for homes, hotels, dorms, and bedrooms. This handy security device can be used to quickly lock any standard door. Easy to install and remove, no drilling or tools required.

Portable Door Lock $12.95



Portable Motion Detectors

Protect your campsite from night time prowlers with one or more of these small portable motion detectors. Set them near your tent, or food storage. When any motion is detected up to 30 feet away, a 130db alarm is activated. The Mace Sensor Light will activate a gentle soft illumination when it detects motion and turns itself off 15 seconds after you leave. It has a daylight sensor so that it will only work in the dark and can scan a 6 meter (19') range at 90°.

Sensor Light $24.95



Strobe Security System

Motion Sensor Alarm with 120dB Siren and Strobe Light
Perfect protection for Home, Office, and Storage. Designed for Indoor use, and controlled by an IR Remote. Switch the Strobe Light to an emergency light during power failure. Included are Warning decals to deter potential break-ins. It has an adjustable mounting bracket for maximum coverage.
This product is completely wireless and easy to install. It includes Entry and Exit delays with LED Indicators, low battery indicators, and security switches for IR signals. It covers a 120 degree range and has an ear-piercing 120dB siren. There is a 9volt Jack for an optional power supply, (not included). It requires one 9 volt battery and 4 AA batteries, not included. The remote control requires a 12 volt battery that is included. Strobe Security System




Security Light with Chime & Alarm

A motion detector that notifies you of visitors at your door.
Better than a door bell. This motion detector can be mounted near your front door and when it detects motion, up to 5 feet away, the lamp turns on and a signal is sent to a receiver inside your house that sounds a chime or a barking dog, which ever is set. The product is completely wireless and easily installed. The light & sensor unit can be mounted on an outside wall up to 120 feet from the receiver and has an on-off switch.
The lamp unit requires 4 C batteries, and the receiver requires 3 AA batteries, not included.

Security Light with Chime $50.00



Programmable Motion Sensor

This device will protect doorways, hallways, or rooms in your house or office. Only those persons who know the security code that has been set can enter without sounding the 130db Siren Alarm. Includes an entry & exit delay and a low battery indicator. Can be free standing or mounted to a wall. Operates.

Programmable Motion Sensor Alarm $39.95


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