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First Aid Kit

This first aid kit has everything you would likely need in an emergency. Keep one in your home, garage, and car. Put one in your luggage when you travel. Ideal gift for friends and family.
Adhesive Bandage Strips (5) Adhesive Bandage - Large Antiseptic Wipe Auto Distress Flag Cotton BallsFirst Aid Cream (FirstAid Kit Instruction Card) Latex Gloves Mouth Rescue Breather Adhesive Bandage - Medium (2) Safety Road Flare Unique Soft-Pak Case

First Aid Kit $19.95



Road Side Emergency Kit

A 29 piece Roadside Emergency Kit is an ideal gift for someone who travels at night or in dangerous weather.

The kit includes Boost Cable, Flash Light with Batteries, Raincoat, Work Gloves, Utility Knife, Auto Circuit Tester, Pressure Gauge, PVC Tape, Screw Driver with 6 attachments, Long Nose Pliers, 10 Cable Ties, and a Red Triangle Nylon Bag.

Road Side Emergency Kit $29.95



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