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In just three years, between 1985 and 1987, wildland fires devastated 17,000 square miles throughout our nation. That's an area approximately the size of Vermont and New Hampshire combined. Over the same period, these same fires consumed more than 2,500 homes and other structures, representing a total loss of over $60 million in property. The emotional damages are harder to calculate.

The reason for the wildland fire crisis are deceiving. It's true that extremely dry weather conditions create a natural potential for disaster, but it's also true that the increasing number of people living in or near wildlands means that firefighters must turn away from wildland fires to protect lives and property.

What can a homeowner do?
As a homeowner living in or considering building in an area where a wildfire can occur, you can take a few simple precautions which will protect your home and may well preserve the environment you enjoy.

This Million Dollar Home unfortunatly was a loss. Even with working smoke detectors and located in the wilderness area ("with a safe zone") properly installed, the local Fire Departments Engine could not position itself safely due to the steep incline.

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