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Choosing a Survival Kit

   Natural and man-made disasters can happen at any time and any place usually without warning. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, storms and tornados will occur. It is just a matter of when. Take for example the Loma Perita earthquake. This earthquake destroyed x amount of homes and forced thousands of people to survive for several days without food, water and shelter. Another example would be a large hurricane where thousands of people are evacuated on a few hours notice. Did you also know that flooding is the number one cause of property damage in the United States.

   Emergency kits can assist you in surviving any kind of natural or man-made disasters like terrorist attacks. Survival kits do not prevent injury from a disaster but help you to survive in the aftermath of a natural or man-made disaster. You should be self-sufficient for 72 hours ( 3 days ) or more and realize that you cannot count on anyone to come to your assistance.

   OK, You convinced me. I think I need a survival kit and first aid kits, how will it
   help me?

   When your house collapses in an earthquake, is knocked down by a tornado, gets flooded by a storm, destroyed by a hurricane, you will have very little supplies to help you survive. Survival kits contain essential survival supplies ranging from the basics like food, water and shelter to the more advanced kits containing solar powered flashlights and small cooking stoves. Maintaining an emergency kit, and storing it in a proper location provide for your basic essentials of life. You can then focus your attention on more pressing matters.

   Included in the kit(s) are survival supplies and other essential necessities to sustain life for a period of time when Police, Fire, or other Emergency Personnel are unable to respond to your location due to an immediate crisis. By ordering your package(s) prior to any event, this will improve you and your family's chances of survival greatly.

   Deliveries are available in Marin-Sonoma and Salem-Portland areas. All others will be shipped to you with any postal charges included with package(s).

6 Day Survival Package (2-4 people)
14 Day Survival Package (6 person)

Any questions regarding survival kits or other related concerns feel free to email us at

   Below are some choices of packages and depending on the size of your family, take the time to order some most suited for there present needs. This will only take a few minutes to secure their safety and well being.

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