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   Your home and property is at risk for structure and wildland fire. In the past couple of decades increased numbers of homes and cabins in forested or rural areas has created new problems for fire firefighters. Some components of fire are oxygen, various fuels, and topographic conditions but also included are wind (speed), slopes, and inclines which increase the percentage for volatile situations.

   These new forest fuels not only provide a concentrated fuel load capable of long range spotting with the usual problems of spot fires (wind blown embers from the main fire front or lost previous control lines) but also the emotional trauma of home and property owners envisioning their home(s) being destroyed. In most areas there is simply not enough equipment and personnel to protect each individual structure that may be involved during a large fast moving wildfire. This is when Defensible Perimeters can be most effective with prior consultation and a thorough overview of your Home and Property, before the threat of fire exists.

   This Increase in the number of estates and resorts in forested or rural areas also exposes structures to the "hidden hazards" commonly found in suburban homes.

   Our Lead Inspector reviews all inspections and will authorize a list of suggested changes (If any) to your home or property prior to being submitted to you for approval. Our skilled staff have taken the P-110 Course (Inspecting Fire Prone Property) and are available throughout California and Oregon 7 days a week. Any questions or concerns with your Home or Property feel free to call or leave a message on this site.

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