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The safes on our safes page are another step you can employ to provide general security for all vital documents, weapons, jewelry, keys, credit cards, etc. or to secure your belongings in case you have to abandon your home or property due to immediate threat of fire or other related scenarios. Being prepared for any event will ease your mind and secure valuable possessions that are yours!

Our staff here at Defensible Perimeters work with all types of homeowners, and specialize in home security or loss prevention directly related to ensuring the safety of your family along with your property. They have been installing floor, wall, and gun safes located discreetly in many homes, apartments and, in some cases, vehicles since early 2000.

We have many items available from Alarms, Security Cameras, First Aid Kits, Security Stickers/Signs to more advanced components such as Safes, Personal Defense, Survival Packages, along with Diversion Safes that can be professionally installed (If Applicable) at Homeowners Request.

Home Security

*If a criminal breaks into a home with a monitored alarm system, he will usually have at least 2-4 minutes to make his getaway. The timetable below highlights one possible sequence of events after a break-in:

1 Alarm is triggered 0 sec
2 Monitoring company detects alarm 0 sec
3 Monitoring company waits 30-60 seconds for owner
to deactivate alarm 45 sec
4 If not deactivated, company calls the home 5 sec
5 Phone rings and is not answered 15 sec
6 Police are notified 5 sec
7 Police dispatch patrol car 5 sec
8 Police drive to scene of crime 120 sec
9 Police arrive 0 sec
Estimated time until police arrive: 3min 15 sec

Other services Defensible Perimeters offer are...

Sod-Lawn planning and installation.

Plant-Shrub-Tree placement or removal.

Thinning projects for your home or other property.


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