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Back in early 2000 several skilled veterans in the Fire Industry came up with the idea of providing Advanced Structure Protection while making the Home and Property safe from all aspects of fire and improving the surrounding environment of suburban homes.

This had been applied many years earlier in our field, the only difference is we improved on it and made it available to the public and Defensible Perimeters was formed. Our primary goal is Structure Protection while educating Homeowners on Fire behavior.

With the assistance of reliable colleagues contributing their time and knowledge to this concept while applying various methods and techniques to secure the Home and Property from all aspects of fire.

And now the Defensible Perimeters Team has recently joined forces with FMC Company in a combined effort to create a safer living environment for your family while continuing our superior services to make your Home and Property fire-wise for all Homeowner

Our goal is to introduce problem areas and potential hazards that need improving for the Homeowner. In the time it took to read this a phone call could have been completed and a Consultation Scheduled.

Defensible Perimeters continually works with Private, State, and Federal Fire Fighting/Suppression agencies (wildland-structural) to improve IA plans, Communications, Unique fire situations and better understanding of tactics along with "chain of command" and why it's proven effective. Our state certified instructor implements training programs along with various fire scenerios designed specifically for current working conditions or the changing of management within the fire environment.

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"Making your home firewise"

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