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From the Novato Advance (serving Marin Co., CA) June 2007:

Back-to-back-to-back fires spark arson investigation

“The brush is as dry as it would be at the end of October, that puts us into critical fire season right now.”

Help from local businesses like Novato-based Defensible Perimeters and the fire department is available to residents who border or back up to open spaces to ebb the chances of a fire danger.

“We'll send our staff out to assess the property or speak with the homeowner,” said Bill Brady president of Defensible Perimeters. “Wildhorse Valley is a prime example of an area at risk - secluded homes, behind gates, only one way in and out - that's a concern. along with limited fire hydrants, and winding driveways, we just bring all these factors into the light, and we have staff to remove or improve space so it's an improvement to home and family - you see it all the time, cords of wood underneath the stairs- a time bomb goes off. We're working in Bend and Nevada, conditions are changing.


Bill and his staff were very quick and efficient with our requests even after modifications were made from the orginal ideas and plans.
Gloria Hanson
Castle Rock, Co

Our family lives in a secluded area in Marin behind a security gate. Even with all the safety and various security equipment installed, he introduced us to various flaws and corrected the potential problems.
Dianne Baraco
Novato, Ca

After Defensible Perimeters serviced my neighbor’s home, I was able to buy a generator off his site for hundreds less than regular brand name store prices.
Ken Stewart
Albany, Or

During the storm of 2005 in Marin/Sonoma County’s we had several Oak trees come down. We responded to an ad he placed online and spoke with Bill. He came out, looked at the damaged trees and gave us a very reasonable estimate to complete all work and remove trees.
Crystal Vargas
Napa, Ca

Extremely professional, excellent rates, and very easy to work with.
Mary O Conner
Coeur d'Alene, Id

I have a vacation home out of state that needed various trees removed along with some thinning work done on the property. I was referred to Defensible perimeters and they completed the project within a week.
Brian Richter
Salem, Or

After introducing himself and speaking of his services and general ideas, he gave us a free home inspection (3 Hours) that was very thorough and brought awareness to us regarding our immediate surroundings. He took before and after photos, which are presently posted on his website. We will definitely recommend him to our friends and family for future projects.
Jacobe Family
Oakridge, Or

My husband and I had decided to invest in this low cost Consultation along with Home Inspection while Bill and his crew were on a local fire incident. After installing a water system on the roof, they applied other various Structure Protection methods to our property and made it very safe from any immediate threat of fire. We feel much more secure and relaxed knowing the work was performed professionally.
Shawna Zellner
Pecos, Nm

Bill quickly and inexpensively trimmed my hedges and trees and rebuilt my walkway. Now my yard is looking better, I have fewer leaves in my gutters and I am better protected from fire reaching my roof via the branches of the trees. Thanks Bill.
Bob Moyers
Hillsboro, Or
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